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Brand: CamoFX
Product Code: SKU0063624
Availability: In Stock
Price: $9.99
Ex Tax: $8.69


This is the lowest odour hunting soap you can buy. 

It contains an organic bamboo activated charcoal and provides a very mild abrasive for gently removing dead skin cells and glandular residues (man odors). NO ANTIMICROBIALS or FUNKY Chemistry.

USE IT EVERYDAY NO PROBLEM!  It's great for hair and skin.

It's colour is black as night from the charcoal. When you use it you will get dark material all over the shower, but it washes off easily with water. This stuff cleans well, it does reduce your odour and it also feels great. It leaves behind no film or soapy residue like any of the other scent-killing soaps out there. This actually makes your skin feel great, too.

We find it is also a great soap for people with eczema to use all the time as it does not thave a long list of chemicals in it that you can not pronounce! 



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