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Easton Bloodline Custom Fletched Arrows

Easton Bloodline Custom Fletched Arrows
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Increased penetration of a smaller diameter shaft, but you also want the increased speed of lightweight carbon? Now, only from Easton, you can get both in one hot new arrow.

  • Factory crested
  • Guaranteed straightness: ±.003"
  • Pre-installed red H Nocks
  • High-strength, carbon nanotube N-FUSED fibers
  • HP inserts - included

Made up to your specifications using 2" Blazer Vanes, cut to length, insert and point installed. 

We're pretty damned proud of our arrows:

Have you ever had a problem with fetches falling off your arrows? we are very proud of the fletching job we do and ALL our arrows come with our 'no fuss' guarantee. Any problems, we'll pay the freight both ways for you to send them back to be fixed. But they won't come off, because we make sure of it!


All of Advanced Archery's arrows are spun and squared to ensure maximum accuracy and consistency.
While manufacturing techniques are always improving the behaviour of carbon fibre can cause a slight deflection from straight at each end of the bare shaft. You can detect these deflections as a wobble when a shaft is spun.
These deflections can and do happen at both ends of the shaft and if not remedied then a loss of accuracy/consistency will occur. These deflections are usually no more than an inch to an inch and half from each end. At the front end a deflection will not allow a broadhead to spin true. This is the most obvious end to view but just as important is the nock end of an arrow. If the nock doesn't spin true then the arrow will not group with arrows that have their nocks spin true.
At Advanced Archery we are aware of this and all of our arrows are spun before fletching. Any arrows found to have a deflection at the nock end have this portion of the shaft cut-off. This is why you will sometimes see the shaft logo's on a set of arrows not line up with others in the set.
Once the shaft has been cut it is then squared. The technique we use to cut shafts on our arrow saw (Easton Pro Saw) cuts a perfectly square face on all shafts. However we like to take things one step further and use a G5 ASD (Arrow Squaring Device) tool to ensure the ends of all of the shafts we cut are square. This is important at the nock end for consistency of grouping and at the front end for proper broadhead alignment. The latter is extremely important for the Easton Axis and FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) arrows as broadheads contact directly onto the shaft face.
Arrows using an aluminium insert that the broadheads contacts will require the aluminium insert to be squared as well as the shaft. Inserts while accurately made, are a mass produced item so squaring them eliminates any variation in the manufacturing process. As you can imagine this takes time but we understand the importance of making accurate arrows.

Please state your vane type, colour choice and arrow length in 'Comments'.

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