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Glow Peep

Glow Peep
  • Glow Peep
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  • Glow Peep
Brand: Glow Peep
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Hunt in Low Light... Never Lose Sight 

Regardless of your color choice, the GlowPeep is designed to emit a faint glow.  Just enough to locate your peep without obscuring your ability to see your target.

Up to 12 hours of afterglow per charge

Reliable Fletcher Tru-Peeps

Hunt at Dawn... Hunt at Dusk

Night Time Bow-Fishing

Night Time 3D Shoots

Hunt Nocturnal Animals

Practice any Time.. Day or Night

Glow Peep start with aircraft grade aluminum Fletcher Tru-Peeps for tried and true reliability, anodize them for metal protection, then coat them with Glowpeep luminescent technology for up to 12 hours glow time per charge... charge after charge.

Night time bow hunting technology has seen significant advances in recent years. Sight lights for your fibre optic pins are readily available and come standard on many new bows, illuminated nocks have revolutionized arrow tracking, and lights can be hung from a feeder to illuminate your prey. What good is any of that if you can’t see your peep to line up the kill shot?

See what you'’ve been missing!

Size: 1/4"

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