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Nockturnal Lighted Xbow Nocks 3pk

Nockturnal Lighted Xbow Nocks 3pk
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The amazing new patent pending Nockturnal lighted nock is a breaktrough design that is more affordable and lighter in weight than most other lighted nocks. The NockTurnal has a string activated linear switch that is protected deep within the nock and will not turn on or off inadvertently. Battery last over 20 hours. Made of clear plastic for maximum light transmission --- can be seen for hundreds of yards. Speed saving ultra-light design... only 20 grains TOTAL weight... most other lighted nocks weigh 25% - 50% more!

Why use a lighted nock? A lot of people will tell you will find your arrows more easily and while that is true, it's not the reason we use them. For us it's all about shot placement and knowing your point of impact. Whether it's on the practice butt or on game, being able to see your arrow in flight and exactly what you've hit is brilliant. We've all filled our quivers with arrows using Nocturnal Lighted Nocks, can't imagine going out without them now! Nocturnal Lighted Moon Nocks fit Easton Bloodline Crossbow Bolts and any other bolt with and inside diameter of .26 through to .314

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