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Nose Jammer Field Spray 2oz

Nose Jammer Field Spray 2oz
  • Nose Jammer Field Spray 2oz
  • Nose Jammer Field Spray 2oz
  • Nose Jammer Field Spray 2oz
  • Nose Jammer Field Spray 2oz
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The compounds in the secret Nose Jammer formula are emitted by trees, shrubs, and grasses. Delivering these natural aromatic compounds at concentrated levels effectively jams up big game animal’s sense of smell without alarm. See what hunting is like when big game animals can't smell.

Nose Jammer contains Vanillin and other natural aromatic compounds that have the ability to effectively jam an animal’s sense of smell. The compounds used in Nose Jammer are not alarming to game animals because they are found in lignin, a major support structure for all trees, grasses, and shrubs. The key is taking these prolific compounds game animals are conditioned to and delivering them at concentrated levels to overload the olfactory gland found in an animal’s nose.

For spot and stalk hunting,  spray clothes, packs, and boots liberally. The goal is to create a Nose Jammer cloud that surrounds the hunter.

Note the image shows the 6oz can. This product is the 2oz can


A Nose Jammer Experience

In September 2014 Kevin had  two mule deer come under his stand when elk hunting in Colorado. ( See the pictures above)

They took a few minutes to crossover the stock fence and onto the road below.

Kevin had walked from the road to the stand. Before doing so he sprayed Nose Jammer onto his boots and trousers.

The deer are only 5 metres away in the first three photos. Predators are plentiful in this area with coyotes, mountain lions, bears and man.

Mule deer are extremely “flighty” and cautious. The fact they crossed over where Kevin had walked just 30 minutes before proved to him that Nose Jammer works.

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