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Bowtech coming to Advanced Archery
Posted On 30/04/2016 Last Update 08/07/2016
Advanced Archery is now the distributor for Bowtech and Diamond Archery.
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Game Animal Council Launches Online Bowhunter Safety Course in New Zealand
Posted On 18/02/2016 Last Update 18/02/2016
New Zealand hunters can now learn more about bowhunting from the comfort of home thanks to the launch of a new online bowhunter safety course at
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My bow blew up!
Posted On 14/01/2016 Last Update 14/01/2016
So you drew back, fired the shot and your bow blew up? Take a look at this video and find out what really happened.
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Pineridge Archers have moved!
Posted On 23/12/2015 Last Update 23/12/2015
On December 13th Pineridge Archers held their 2016 Christmas Shoot at the fabulous new Ararimu property. The weather started out pretty badly unfortunately so there were quite a few no-shows. (never mind, more food for the hard working President, like he needs it). The showers soon stopped but the mighty December wind stayed with them for the day, making some of the open shots a real challenge. Read the full report from President Craig Burnet....
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Turkey Anatomy and Proper Arrow Placement
Posted On 27/05/2015 Last Update 27/05/2015
Have you ever struggled with shot placement on turkeys while bowhunting? Don't let all those feathers fool you. Check out this video brought to you by Hoyt and Gone Wild Outdoors on the anatomy and proper arrow placement in order to put more turkeys in your freezer.
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