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Trophy Taker Shuttle-T Broadheads
Posted On 28/03/2014 Last Update 28/03/2014
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Copper John Deadnuts Mark IV Slider Sight
Posted On 28/03/2014 Last Update 28/03/2014
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Kiwi 3D, 2014
Posted On 13/03/2014 Last Update 13/03/2014
The 2014 K3D series kicks off at Twin Coast Archers next Sunday 16th March. The address for Twin Coast Archers is 574a Brown Rd, Mangawhia 0573. Aim to arrive there around 8-8.30 am. Food and drinks will be available for purchase at lunch and after the shoot.
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Myth #163 FOC for shots under 50m
Posted On 12/03/2014 Last Update 12/03/2014
FOC (Front of Centre) is a term used to describe the balance point of an arrow. If you've been trying to unravel the importance of FOC in your set up and not found a clear cut answer we can help.
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Posted On 02/12/2013 Last Update 04/12/2013
Who doesn't love getting a pat on the back for a job well done? We really appreciate the time these lovely people have taken to write us an email. ...
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