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A NoseJammer Experience
Posted On 28/02/2015 Last Update 28/02/2015
A Nose Jammer Experience In September 2014 Kevin had these two mule deer come under his stand when elk hunting in Colorado.
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Advanced Archery has moved!
Posted On 25/09/2014 Last Update 24/02/2015
We're excited! Drum roll please.....after almost 19 years in the T.A.R.D.I.S at the bottom of the garden Advanced Archery has moved.
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Archery in Schools National Champs
Posted On 01/07/2014 Last Update 01/07/2014
The National Archery in the Schools Programme (NASP) will hold the inaugural NZ National Championship on August 16, 2014.
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Straight Shooters Archery Classes for Kids
Posted On 09/05/2014 Last Update 01/07/2014
Archery is the 'in thing' right now. If you've got kids running around acting out The Hunger Games, Arrow, Brave, the Hobbit or any of the many Hollywood archery themes around right now, sieze the moment to get them off the couch and into a new sport!
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Why ducks see electromagnetic fields and humans don't....
Posted On 28/04/2014 Last Update 28/04/2014
New developments in animal research show how ducks and other birds “see” electromagnetic fields and why humans don’t. This excerpt from a recent edition of The Economist magazine’s Science and Technology section reveals the science behind the discovery:
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